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Chip Haslun

Present Residence: Cos Cob, Connecticut

Spouse: Kelley

Children: Will (Age 15) and Emma (Age 13)

Family/Work/Personal Highlights:

Since 1987 I've been practicing law in Greenwich ( a very interesting town to practice law ) where I also live with my wife and children. My folks still live on Salmon Brook Street so I continue to feel connected with Granby and still consider it my "home" in many ways, notwithstanding having left GHS after 9th grade to finish high school in Massachusetts and pretty much wandering around thereafter before settling down here. I'm pleased that the Committee included me in the big plans and hope to make it at least Friday night! (I gotta meet the new Chris J.) 

Remembrance of a favorite class, professor or GMHS experience:

While technically junior high days, I remember most fondly the fabulous 7th & 8th grade basketball team we had and the trouble we got into (mostly dreamed up by "quiet" Dave D.) Great teachers I recall: Ms. Brown, Hines, Lynch, Lobo. 

Any other comments or additional info you'd like to share:

Thanks for prodding Deb!